You Got Summer Her WCMX Wheelchair!!!! THANK YOU

♿Summer got her RMA WCMX Wheelchair ♿

Published on 29 April 2021 at 23:15

That's right, finally after a long wait... A very long fundraising campaign... And the support of you, my loyal and amazingly generous followers, the day is finally here when I got to take delivery of my RMA SK8R WCMX Wheelchair! 

I would like to start by saying a huge thanks to every single person who donated to my fundraiser and made this dream a reality. 💖

This new wheelchair is going to give me a greater edge when riding in the skateparks. From a strong and rigid frame to specialised grind bars, I cant wait to hit the ramps.

So what makes this chair different?

There are multiple differences to this from an everyday wheelchair. The first and possiby most unique is RMA's Bespoke Body Mapping System. A specially designed piece of equipment designed to get every measurement 100% Accurate to the finest mm. This ensures the best fit and most comfort available.

The next thing to note is possibly the most obvious, the rear suspension. Fully adjustable shock absorbers which are designed to take the shock out of the stunts and drops therefore protecting myself and my back from damage.

Next you may notice the twin green bars underneath the seat. These are the grind bars designed for maximum stability and strength whilst grinding across rails, coping or wherever my chair takes me. 😊

Further to these visible modifications, the wheelchair is made from a robust steel frame welded to the highest standard to withstand the punishment that the skate park can often bring. The front forks are the best in the game Frog Legs suspension forks designed to assist in the stability and strength.

Top that off with a pair of adjustable Link Rods to allow full customization of the ride style and a pair of top of the range SLX Spinergy Wheels!

There you have an awesome

RMA SK8R WCMX Wheelchair. 


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