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Summer's Pyjama Fairies Book Review.

Published on 26 January 2021 at 23:11

Summer was asked if she would like to review the new book by the UK Charity, The Pyjama Fairies. As usual Summer was thrilled to be able to help out and immediatly accepted this wonderful invitation. 

After agreeing some simple terms, Summer was thrilled to recieve an Exclusive preview of their new story. Dad read through 1st and Summer was eager to read it through herself. 

Summer read through to find out the amazing story of how a simple mum turned into the amazing Fairy Boss and discovered many other fairies along the way. 

Summer's says "I loved this book and the meaning behind it as we find out how these fairies help sick children. I especially liked reading about Queen Fairy Neveah riding her unicorn 🦄" 

A massive thank you to The Pyjama Fairies for the opportunity to preview this fantastic story and be a part of the fairy magic. 

You can PREORDER this book Now just click below. 

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